Welcome to The Elementary Circle!

As for what exactly the ‘real’ Elementary Circle is … well I’ll leave that question hanging for a little while …

Because, right now the most important part of that sentence is WELCOME!

For some time now, I’ve debated writing a blog.  As a ‘new writer’ I didn’t feel qualified enough to share my auto-biographical words with the world.  I felt that people would only want to hear about my life and opinions, AFTER the fictional side of my life had made it into print.

And then I realised maybe that’s the point of a blog.  Not only could it serve as an historic record of the (hopeful) developments of my career … from unsigned writer, to bonafide author … but it might also assist me in that development.

And so I have created The Elementary Circle.  One Elementary Circle already exists within the context of my first novel.  However, seeing as that novel isn’t yet in print … and technically, as of this moment, THIS Elementary Circle IS … perhaps this blog somehow begins the first Elementary Circle!

Whether it’s the first or the second EC, I hope that this blog serves as a forum for debate and development, with the input of other writers, readers and others involved in the publishing world helping me in that journey from ‘writer’ to ‘author’

As a result, I have divided the blog into two parts – the autobiographical section, documenting my life as an as-yet unsigned author, and then various synopses and sections of my fictional writing for you to sample.

Thanks in advance, for your time and your enthusiasm,

C-C xx



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14 responses to “Welcome to The Elementary Circle!

  1. Congratulations author!
    I have to admit to a good dose of jealousy.
    You didn’t even tag this post with ‘writing’ and its your first month and you got on the front page of Word Press posts about ‘writing’ blogs 😉
    I have enjoyed a read of bits of your site. Must get back to my half blank page… Keep it up; Keep us inspired.
    Apprentice Writer Wales

  2. oh wow!!! thank you 🙂 and thank you for telling me that, didn’t have a clue there even was such a thing! am defo a newbie to all of this.
    C-C xxx

  3. Aletta Leannan

    Good job with getting on the front page of WordPress! 🙂 Do you mind if I follow you? I’m always looking for fellow writers-aspiring-to-be-published-authors to network and share with.

  4. Encouraging to know that there is hope for aspiring writers out there! All the best with your first published novel.

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