Blog Etiquette

In the words of fellow blogger Jennifer Aaventura I’m doing my ‘homework’.

It’s Saturday night, and technically, I’m at work.  As I’ve mentioned many a time, at night I may masquerade as an ‘author‘, but by day, I’m very much a nanny! And tonight I’m babysitting … So with my two wards safely tucked up in bed, I’m doing some blog homework.

I’m very new to the world of blogging, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that true membership of this international club is two-way.  You can’t just receive comments, subscriptions and ‘likes’ … you have to give them too.

And so every couple of evenings I try to take a few hours to read the work of fellow bloggers.

Like I said, I’m very new to all this … but I’ve already begun to form some blog etiquette, which I think I would recommend to other bloggers.

1) If anyone posts a comment on my blog, I try my best to reply to it personally.

2) I try to check out the blogs of everyone who likes, subscribes or comments …

This second one is proving to be a bit of a slow process, as I’m sure anyone who has ever been Freshly Pressed will tell you … I have over 400 ‘virtual presents’ to write thank you notes for …. and whilst I *think* I’ve now replied to all the comments, I know I still have a lot of blogs to check out.

But the thing to understand, is that neither of these tasks is a chore.

For a start, the ‘blogosphere’ (a word I’m still not too sure I like!) is a sociable place FULL of potential, as I mentioned in my post ‘ The Writers’ Network‘.  What better place to commune with fellow authors, readers, publishers and agents?  What better way to gain tips, insight, inspiration and feedback, from a forum that isn’t just made up of your friends? (see the Writer and Her Sidekicks)

Back when I lived in Vancouver (I now live in a small mountain village) I used to attend a weekly Writers’ Group … and whilst it’s obviously great to have feedback on your own work, I also loved reading and critiquing other peoples’ work … especially when that work was something so departed from anything I would ever write.  It reminded me of uni … in a good way!

Reading other blogs broadens your mind.  I like to think of WordPress as a kind of huge free magazine.  Some of the blogs I have read in the past weeks have been far better than any magazine articles or newspaper reports I have picked up.  And just because none of us are being paid for the stuff we write on here, shouldn’t diminish the value of our words.  The thing with WordPress, is I’m inspired to look at blogs on topics I wouldn’t necessarily pay money to read about … and yet often these are the articles which interest me the most.

Secondly, by taking the time to get to know the readers of your blog, you can begin to understand your readership, and perhaps tailor what you are writing to those readers.  You can join in with discussions, present your take on something, or simply offer them a whole host of new readers by adding a link to their blog on your blog … just like this!  Here is the link to the original post by Jennifer which inspired me to write this – Blog Surfing, One Peace at a Time.

Finally, think of it in dating terms!

When you are getting to know someone, those in the know encourage you to ask questions.  It’s great to talk … but everyone enjoys talking, which means it’s also important to listen!  Which means, in the blogosphere, it’s not just a question of blogging, you also need to read too … otherwise the relationships you forge with your readership will only be a temporary one!

C-C xx

PS If you’d like me to check out, and comment on, your blog – please post the link below!  I’m still struggling to trawl through all the comments on ‘So Am I an Author Yet?!’ so it would be great to have links for reading all in one place!!! Thank you 🙂




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12 responses to “Blog Etiquette

  1. Wow. Thanks for the nod. I can’t believe I inspired someone to write a post! 🙂 Ha. What a wonderous world we live in. Happy Blogging.
    Grazie Mille.

  2. I want to give you a blogosphere ‘SPOT ON’ award !!
    Not sure how – but when I figure it out you have it! A great post.
    When I was a ‘Sustainability champion’ I used to give people a ‘sustainability award’ when they told me a great idea that I could then share/pass on etc – before ‘blogging days’. But I didn’t have a budget. So I gave them random animal cards from a top trumps pack I bought for less than a fiver (for 50 cards). i.e. less than 1p or a couple of cents each. ( I defined ‘nothing’ as less than a price of two coffees). The cards had stats about the animal on them and people often gave them to their kids or used them as book marks. Any suggestions of a virtual equivalent? Maybe a ‘photo card+’ – then totally re-useable and can be passed on…
    Also do keep up the etiquette tips – great for new bloggers.
    Diolch yn Fawr aka Thanks from Wales

    • Hmm … I like the idea of posting a picture on peoples’ blogs? Something eye-catching, memorable, and also appropriate … a bit like the ‘good job’ stickers teachers used to stick on our work as kids???
      Thanks again for the support Laura
      C-C xx

  3. Cool post, CC! 🙂 Agree with all your points about Blogging etiquette and the wide wide of words.

    I love your blog, I think it rocks. You are a good writer and your subject matter never fails to be interesting. It says something about you that you would make the effort to get acquainted with your readership, as well. I am curious though as to why you’re not sure if you like the word Blogosphere?

    • Thanks Coco, glad my blog is still touching upon the right subjects 🙂
      Hmm as for blogosphere … I think the linguist in me just thinks it sounds a really awkward and rather ugly word!!!
      C-C xxx

  4. Jess Witkins

    I commend you for staying so on task and blogging about writing. I attempted to do that and struggled, because I’m still learning so much about it and getting back into it. I always appreciate hearing others share their stories, I think it’s one of the best ways I learn is by listening to others who’ve “gone before me” so to speak. haha. When you have time, check out my post on how our day jobs impact our writing, there’s a nod to the nannying business I think will make you laugh. Happy writing!

  5. The blogosphere is an amazing world to explore, and a wonderful way of making connections with readers and fellow writers. The problem, which you alluded to also, is time! I’d love to clone myself so that one of me could be totally devoted to social media, and the other me can do the actual writing, which is why I got started with this in the first place! So, in all your spare time C-C, I’d be delighted for you to visit my humble little blog “Jane Austen Says…”

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