Exercising Your Pen

For some time now I’ve been planning a post on how to keep yourself inspired and on exercised as an author.  A kind of word gym, or mental pick-me-up for writers.

One of the best examples of these I’ve come across in my first few months of blogging are the writing exercises posted on blogs by other authors.   A number of bloggers regularly suggest themes or situations for other budding writers to expand upon.

One such writer/blogger is Elizabeth Carlton, of Elli Writes, someone I like to count as a regular reader and commenter of my blog, and in order to reciprocate with my support, I’m about to write a blogpost on ‘Rebirth’  – the topic of her April Writing Contest.

More to come on ‘keeping on the ball’ soon ….



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6 responses to “Exercising Your Pen

  1. carrierice

    Glad to find your blog!

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  3. Wow! It’s funny. The day I posted this month’s theme, I was wondering if anyone would really want to tackle it. It thrilled me when I checked my email this afternoon and saw this! Thank you… it made my week. 🙂 And to think, the week just started! 😉

    • Awesome 🙂 And it looks like I’m not the only one happy to tackle it!! Looking forward to next month’s challenge 🙂 And inspired to perhaps post some of my own challenges too 🙂 xxx

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