Look what I just stumbled upon …

Ok, so it’s almost 2 am in Canada, and I really ought to be in bed.  In fact, as if to illustrate the point, my boyfriend is sitting next to me on the sofa, his laptop also on his lap, but fast asleep, snoring, and looking very close to dropping said laptop …

But … I felt the need to post, because, after a comment on the blog post I just wrote, about what information is available about you on the internet, I decided to Google my name!  My REAL name, not my pen name.  (Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know it doesn’t take a super-sleuth to discover my real name, or at least the nickname I have gone by all my life).

As expected, it brought up a whole host of information about me – from the global challenges I filmed for Challenge Charly, to my street address back in Reading (AARGGHHH), to the scholarships I received whilst studying at Cambridge and my Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the Year Award.

What I DIDN’T expect it to turn up was an Op-Ed article I wrote over a year ago, and sent to the International Herald Tribune! I actually only found it, because it was posted on the New York Times website, and then commented on in someone’s blog!

How crazy is that?!  If Wheelchair Pride hadn’t written a response to my Op-Ed and used my name, I’d have never even known my letter was published!  Insane!!!

Ah well … I guess now I can add ‘New York Times contributor’ to ‘nanny’ and ‘travel bum’ on my CV 😉

C-C xx



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2 responses to “Look what I just stumbled upon …

  1. Congratulations on the new credit for your bio! When I sometimes feel like a struggling, underappreciated artist, writing in total obscurity, I Google my name for an ego boost. It’s a great way to see my name in print!

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