It’s Competition Time!

As some of you may remember, last month ‘Elli Writes’ ran a competition for April entitled ‘Rebirth’, inviting other writers and bloggers to enter with their interpretation of the word.

My entry was a blogpost entitled ‘Rebirth, Rebranding, Re-invention!’

If you haven’t read it already, please click on the above link some time in the next 7 days! (The deadline for the competition is the 17th May).  If you have already read it, and liked it, please click the link anyway – Elli is deciding the winner by the number of ratings each entry gets, so click on the stars at the top of the post to vote for me.  (NB it needs to be the copy of the post on Elli Writes, NOT the copy of the post on The Elementary Circle)

While you’re there, please check out all the other entries, and if you like them better – click on them instead!  Or even better, click on us all 😉

C-C xx



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5 responses to “It’s Competition Time!

  1. This is what WordPress is all about 😉 ; supporting other bloggers. Glad you are sticking to your guns about your chosen career.

  2. I agree, I’m glad we can share our love and work. Good luck!

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