The Writing Game

The more I get to grips with WordPress and the world of the writer blogger, the more exciting stuff I find.

So first of all, last night I discovered The 3-Day Novel Contest.  Now, to be honest, I’m not sure how long any novel I wrote in three days would be … I have an awful tendency to read and re-read stuff until I think it’s word-perfect, which could make for a rather short three day project, but I do really like the idea.

I’ve also found a lot of Flash Fiction on the web, which is another concept I didn’t know a great deal about until very recently.  I guess the post I wrote yesterday ‘The Time I Dated a Vampire’ could be classed as flash fiction, as it’s an 850 word snippet of what you imagine to be a far bigger story?  On my unemployed hunt for writing competitions, I DID discover two flash fiction competitions – the Unbound Press Flash Fiction Competition,  (entries have to be less than 500 words), and the Lightship Flash Fiction Competition (entries have to be less than 600 words) if anyone’s interested.

My little foray into Writing Prompts yesterday opened my eyes to a whole web of such prompts – which I think is pretty cool and exciting 🙂 I feel a bit like I’m back in English class at school.

And my most recent find is this blog post HERE.  In the post on Indigo Spider, the anonymous blogger introduced me to two new writing ideas I hadn’t come across before.

1) Picture prompts – what a brilliant idea!  Especially when you’re feeling a bit ‘blocked’.  You could literally do a random image search on google, and make yourself write a fictional piece based on whatever random picture the search churns up!

2) Chain writing!  I LOVE this idea, especially as I’m beginning to understand what a great community of fellow writers there are on WordPress.  Why not take part in a big game together?!  Do you remember that game we played as children, where you folded a piece of paper in four, and then passed it around a circle.  The first person drew the head, then the next person drew the arms, then the third person drew the legs, and then the last person drew the feet, and then you unravelled the paper to see the finished result.

How about doing that with writing?  A group of writers agree to play.  Each writes the first 500 words of a story, any story, and then all the writers switch stories, and continue someone else’s story for another 500 word.  And so  on …..

This is definitely a game that my inner child would enjoy playing!

In fact, if anyone fancies it, we could schedule one big group writing session???

Post a comment below if you fancy joining in, and if we get enough writers interested …. (I’m thinking more than 4 to make the stories a decent length), then we can designate some deadlines for each section of the story!

C-C xx



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6 responses to “The Writing Game

  1. Indigo Spider

    Hi CC, glad you enjoyed my challenge. I do hope you take a whirl! If you write something, please let me know and I will be sure to include a link to the post. I hope you find fellow writers to work with, I think it is a great idea which is why I started the challenge, hoping others wouldn’t shy away from working with another writer. I’ve had a lot of fun working with a few writers in the two weeks since I started the challenge and I think my writing has improved tremendously. It has also pushed me out of my comfort zone of what I normally write.

    Oh, and just so I don’t remain anonymous, name is Marita 🙂 I do have my name in the copyright section, so, not totally anonymous actually! Pleased to meet you and glad you stopped by. I am going to check out some of your other writings now!

  2. Multiple voices taking turns talking?
    Schizophrenic fiction.
    Count me in.

  3. Good post with some neat links. Thanks!
    As for chain writing, I incidentally just did that with four other people. As I’m caught up in a few collaborations already, I’m not volunteering now, but I thought I’d pop by and say that it’s a really funny game! 🙂

  4. Chain writing sounds fun, I’d love to join in with that!

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