The Write Ritual (Writing Prompt)

In response to Joshua Ramey-Renk’s Weekend Writing Prompt  – What is your ‘Write Ritual’?  This is my writing ritual.

For me, the ideal writing ritual involves –

  • My laptop (fully charged)
  • But somewhere I can’t get internet connection
  • My headphones
  • Songs on iTunes which I know well enough that I don’t really ‘listen to them’
  • Enough time to re-read the chapter I wrote before the one I’m now writing
  • Photos of a place, if I’m doing a description of that place
  • Lots of Diet Coke 🙂
C-C xx


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2 responses to “The Write Ritual (Writing Prompt)

  1. JRR

    I love it!!! Those interwebz are a productivity killer, aint they?!

  2. I like the idea of photos. My writing is usually pretty thin on description, and that would help remind me to put some in!

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