My First Ever Character Sketch!

Following on from my article a few weeks ago about how you imagine your own characters (Getting into Your Characters), a couple of months ago I was lucky enough to win Elli Writes’ monthly writing competition.  My prize, was a character sketch by the very talented Liz Carlton … and here it is 🙂

I asked Liz to draw Raye, a Korean Dream Navigator, who Ellody, the main character in The Dream Navigator encounters during her adventures in Canada.  Without giving too much away, Raye is brash, rude, sarcastic, and driven by money, but as the book progresses, you begin to see a softer side of him …

Here’s what Liz thinks he looks like 🙂

Thanks so much Liz!!!! He’s amazing!!

C-C xxx



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2 responses to “My First Ever Character Sketch!

  1. So glad you like it, friend! 🙂

  2. Someone needs to publish your work so I can start buying it for my god-daughters to read!


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